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The story of Three Fields Campsite

Three Fields Campsite is a relatively new site to Pembrokeshire, with 2021 having been our first season.

It was founded by Naomi and Patrick, two born and bred Pembrokeshire siblings with a love for Pembrokeshire and the surrounding area. Having grown up and lived in the county all our lives, the area has had a huge impact on us and has given us so many happy memories and experiences. We want to share the beauty of our small piece of paradise with other people.

Although it was founded by the two siblings, it is very much a family affair with parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, and even the little ones chipping in when needed! This dynamic injects the campsite with love which can be felt throughout the whole site 🥰 

We knew we wanted a family-friendly campsite with a secluded, private feel for all. That was our north star and we built everything else around that. 
With a keen interest in health and the outdoors, we have good knowledge of the area we can show you exactly where is best to go and when!

With the 2024 season being our fourth, we are confident that we can provide you with a stay unlike any other campsite in Pembrokeshire, one filled with love, care, and happy, smiling faces :)

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